In today’s IT world, security closes more businesses than bad sales.

Managed security is designed for small businesses and enterprise clients looking to increase their cyber security posture. By combining next-generation security technology, threat intelligence, analytics, and a team of security experts, you can have complete control and visibility into the security of your organization.

We offer SMB’s (small and mid-size businesses) a comprehensive package of layered security products and 24/7 x 365 monitoring and alerting. By completely outsourcing to a third party , you can get control of your cyber security posture


  • Focus on critical tasks 
    • Externalize security tasks so that you can focus your attention on more critical aspects of the business.
  • Leverage our partner relationships
    • We have partner relationships with top security manufacturers and distributors, which means we get deal registration priority, promotional discounts, and partner-level access to support.
  • Qualified Consultants
    • Consultant with the current shortage of cyber security professionals in the IT industry, outsourcing to our team makes sense in terms of cost and efficiency.
  •  Security Management Tools 
    • By choosing us as your security service provider you’ll gain access to our arsenal of security tools that help us manage hundreds of networks.
  • Resource allocation 
    • IT security outsourcing costs less than investing in personnel, software, and hardware solutions.